Summer Sunday Roast

Sunday Roast

I love a roast dinner, I love every dinner but a good roast beats them all as far as I’m concerned. Sunday isn’t a Sunday unless there’s a roast involved. Beef, lamb, pork or chicken, I’m there.  And when else are you going to eat so many vegetables in one sitting?


King Henry and his Royal Guard had the right idea. Every Sunday after church they turned into the Beefeaters. I’m now happy to be called a rosbif by anyone.


Last Sunday I was told we were having a gratin with our dinner. What, no roast potatoes? I have to say, I had my doubts. You don’t mess around with a roast dinner, do you?


Roast lamb is the undisputed heavyweight champion for me. As a child of 10 I was hospitalised with appendicitis and put on a liquid diet for three whole days. Torture! I was starving. Kate, my mum’s best friend, promised that she’d make me a lamb roast whenever I got out of hospital. True to her word, she presented me with the biggest plate of food a 10-year-old kid has ever eaten. Today it still stands out to be one of the best meals of my life.


When else are you going to sit around a table for that long with family and friends? I’m guessing never, right? A roast, more than any other meal brings us all together.


Anyway, it turns out I did get my roast potatoes in the end. Mini ones covered in cheese, and what’s not to like there? I was wrong about roast dinners, you can mess around with them. That gratin was delicious and we’ll be having it more often.