Who Knows What To Say?



I’ve been intending to update this and write a bit more regularly but it’s more difficult than it seems. You can just sit down and write anything, can’t you? Well, yes but that doesn’t mean it’s worth reading, does it? Recently I’ve been looking at loads of other food photographers & food bloggers websites and some are just so good I sort of thought is it worthwhile carrying on with this? I’m not a writer, I’m no chef and I can barely cook beyond the basics so what the hell am I going to talk about?

Netflix have recently added Anthony Bourdain’s TV shows A Cook’s Tour, No Reservations and The Layover to their schedule. I’ve been catching up with these and there’s a man that has things to say about food and food culture, he’s worth listening to. I’ve also been reading what the chef Stephen Harris has to say about cooking in his book The Sportsman. If you’ve ever eaten at his restaurant you’d want to hear what he has to say about eating.  



All the amazing food blogs out there have a theme or a purpose about them, healthy eating, vegan eating, clean eating, fitness, lifestyle, recipes etc. I don’t have any sort of theme and do I even need one? I haven’t got anything to say (worth listening to). I just like eating and taking pictures of food. 

Do photographers even need to be writing stuff down? Surely, they should just be making great images, not writing about them? If photographers do write things down shouldn’t they just be writing about the nerdy stuff? Equipment, lighting, aperture, composition etc. Or is keeping a blog on the go just an excuse to self-publicise? Something all freelancers need and have to do. On that note, my wife makes amazing celebration cakes and I’ve just set her up her very own Instagram account. You should follow her (see what I did there?)




Bearing all this in mind, this post isn’t really about anything, so I thought I’d take it as an opportunity to post a few pictures of a job I did recently. It’s burgers, fries and some other bits and pieces. What’s not to love about that?